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Check out this spider-friendly spider catcher

If spiders give you the heebie-jeebies but you don't want to kill them, this tool is for you.
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Have You Seen This? Crazy spider catcher

Theoretically speaking, there are plenty of bad things that can happen when you’re home alone. Someone could try to break in, a fire could start or you could lock yourself out. Some of the worst case scenarios are not likely to happen during a given night spent alone shuttered in your casa, but one nightmarish situation has happened to almost everyone: spotting a spider in the room.
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Kort verhaal

Ik was al nooit echt gek op insecten. Toen ik op mijn 12e op aruba ging wonen en erachter kwam hoe groot kakkerlakken wel niet kunnen worden en dat sommige spinnen een web van de ene naar de andere kant van je tuin kunnen maken werd dat niet beter. Toch probeerde ik – dierenvriend dat ik ben – spinnen zo min mogelijk te doden.
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Voor campeerders

The was asked to take a look at the Spider Catcher - The Unique Solution to your Creepy Crawly Problems! Have you ever wanted a way of removing those pesky little beasts from your caravan, tent and other awkward areas? Well now you can without harming them and keeping you at a safe distance!
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Tackle creepy crawlies with ease

What they say it does…
The world’s friendliest, most innovative way to catch spiders! Easily removes spiders, butterflies, moths and crane flies without harming them. A 65cm long arm keeps you at a safe and comfortable distance and reaches up to ceilings and corners. Eco-friendly, must-have gadget for arachnophobes, nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
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Spider Catcher Review

Forget all those nuts that tell you spiders are harmless and having them in your home is no big deal — thousands of spider bite victims would beg to disagree, along with millions of namby-pamby’s that are freaked out at the sight of an eight legger scurrying along a wall (self included).
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